Standard Renters

Ready to Rent?

Please find the documents below that are required for the applicant to fill out and submit for the approval of the landlord.

Note: If you have a co-applicant they must provide the same information.



  • Lease Application (see below)

    • Please fill out the application and email back completed 

  • NTN - National Tenant Network Credit Application (see below)

    • Please fill out online application and pay the $30 fee. Notify us when completed so we can pull credit report.

Other Required Information

  • If you are a business owner please provide previous 2 years of tax return (please provide in PDF File)

  • If you are employee please provide previous 2 months of pay-stubs and/or letter stating proof of employment

  • Current Bank Statement for Proof of Funds (please provide in PDF File)

  • Photocopy of State ID or Identification

- Landlord may request additional information -

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