Amir M.

My family and I couldn’t be happier with the experience we had with Jia. She listed our apartment for rent very professionally, coordinated all the showings diligently, and eventually showed her mastery with the contract paperwork and the rest of the process. What I enjoyed the most about working with Jia was the fact that she answered all my questions with absolute patience and promptness, and in no time! During the whole process, I never ever felt I was pushed to accept an offer I did not like, or even accept a term in the contract I was not comfortable with. I definitely recommend Jia to anyone looking for a highly motivated, knowledgeable, and organized agent in Edgewater area!

Willis H.

Jia has been extremely helpful in finding the right tenants within a reasonably quick timeline. Jia is very responsive. She usually replies my emails within minutes. Jia knows my home even better than me. When asked about the material of the kitchen counter-top, she can easily come up with the answer, which I'm totally clueless as a landlord. I am greatly impressed by Jia's professionalism. I would strongly recommend Jia to be your real estate agent.

Orlando E.

This is the second time I worked with Jia and this was for a rental. Once again Jia provided the Professionalism and total command of the process from beginning to closure. I highly recommend Jia and hopefully will be using her on my next acquisition.

Willtano Z.

Jia was pleasant to work with, knowledgeable and extremely responsive. Within a couple hours of my inquiry we scheduled a walkthrough for the property we were interested in. We would highly recommend and would absolutely work with her again.

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